Wheel Alignment

What is a wheel alignment? Does it actually help my car? A wheel alignment is just a way for my mechanic to make me pay more money, a common myth. These questions are on people’s minds when they think about wheel alignments, but Northwest Autoworks in Chicago, Illinois is here to answer these questions and put that myth to rest.

Wheel Alignments Chicago, Illinois

A wheel alignment is very beneficial to your car, and will actually save you money in the long run. What actually is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment is done by a professional mechanic who hooks your car up to a laser-guided machine set to the correct specifications for your car. The mechanic then finely adjusts the suspension and steering components to align the wheels to be as straight, forward-facing as possible. This is not always perfect, but they can get the alignment within 0.5 degrees of perfect alignment. Doing so provides your car with many benefits. We at Northwest Autoworks recommend you get an alignment every two to three years, or if something happens to knock it out of alignment.

Benefits of a Wheel Alignment Chicago, Illinois

When getting a recommendation from a mechanic on receiving a wheel alignment, many people question the benefits of one. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits a wheel alignment can do for your car:

  • Better handling on your car
  • Increasing the life of your tires
  • Better gas mileage (yes this is true)
  • Overall safety improvement for you and others

Do your car, other drivers, and yourself a favor and get a regular wheel alignment. It only has to be done every two or three years. Let us at Northwest Autoworks Service keep track of when you’ll need an alignment for you. Set an appointment today, and let us handle the rest.